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About DS

The Nintendo DS is the perfect handheld game system for anyone of any age to play anytime anywhere.

The Nintendo DS is the most popular and versatile handheld gaming machine available on the market.

The Nintendo DS Lite, released in 2006, is Nintendo's most iconic version of the handheld, and the most successful. Its functions are identical to the original style Nintendo DS, but boasts a lighter, smaller body and a brighter screen. The Nintendo DS Lite was discontinued in Spring of 2011, but is still very easy to find, new and used, at most retailers.

The Nintendo DSi, released in 2009, plays the vast majority of the Nintendo DS library (barring games that require accessories that plug into the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot), but some new hardware features differentiate the DSi from the Nintendo DS Lite. The DSi has two cameras along with built-in photo and music editing software. It also has an SD card slot, and can play ACC-format music files. Also, the Nintendo DSi can access the Nintendo DSi Shop, which has lots of downloadable games for sale.

The Nintendo DSi XL, released in 2010, is an upgrade to the Nintendo DSi that features larger, brighter screens with a wider viewing angle. The DSi XL also comes pre-loaded with software like Brain Age Express and Flipnote Studio.

The Nintendo 3DS, released in Feb 2011 is Nintendo newest innovation and answer to the latest 3D entertainment craze , the engineers at Nintendo have integrated the 3D technology directly in too there console , Nintendo 3D technology is the first of it's kind.

Nintendo DS revolutionises the way games are played.

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