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Playstation 3 (PHAT) YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) or Rlod (Red Light of Death) - Motherboard Issues

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Playstation 3 (PHAT) YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) or Rlod (Red Light of Death) - Motherboard Issues

There are quite a few names associated with Playstation 3 motherboard failures.
The very common are -
- YLOD (Yellow light of Death)
- 3 Beeps of Death
- RLOD (Red Light of Death).

This is commonly associated with the GPU (RSX) and CPU chipsets on your PS3 motherboard.

Why do you get YLOD or RLOD ?

There are many reasons associated with the YLOD or ROLD, to name a few
- System dust is not cleaned up or a regular service is not performed
- System overheats simply because there is not enough airflow
- Loose solder joints underneath RSX chipset
- RSX chipset disconnection with the motherboard
- Power supply causing short because not using a surge protector
- Unknown reasons There could be other factors heat; flexing and poor design (Sorry Sony)

This is a Playstation 3 reflow repair solution with issues related to the motherboard, RSX chipsets.

Game Console Repairs uses a high end Reflow station in order to precisely apply the heat to the required components resulting in a very high success rate.

Diagnostic Information

If your Playstation 3 (PHAT) shows any of the following symptoms then you may require this service:
- System immediately shuts off when the power button is pressed
- System displays yellow blinking light and then shuts off
- System displays jagged up or torn picture and then freezes
- System turns on and freezes during any operation.

Warranty : 1 Month warranty

Playstation 3 (PHAT) YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) or Rlod (Red Light of Death) - Motherboard Issues

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Repair Procedure:-

When we receive your console we will do a full analysis on your system and confirm the issue. The analysis procedure can take 2 working days.
We will get in touch with you after the analysis by your preferred method of contact that is stated during repair booking. When the repair procedure has been completed successfully we will ship the item within 24 hours. If for any reason your console is irreparable we can discuss alternatives or send you back your original console.

The service includes
- Motherboard reflow (RSX & CPU) chipsets
- Removal of low quality thermal compound
- Application of high quality Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound
- Replacement of old broken thermal pads with the new ones
- Finally a full service clean.
- Full testing once the console has been fixed.

Difference between Reflow & Reballing

Reflowing is a process where the failed chipsets are heated due to cold solder joints underneath the chip. Cold solder joints are caused by heat, flexing and poor design.  Reheating the board and chip may cause the old solder to become weak so high quality flux  solution is used to help it become stronger.

Reballing is a process where the defective chip is either
1. Repaired by placing leaded (Pb) based solder (stronger solder) on the chip and placing it back on the motherboard
2. Replacing the chip with a new / used chip (working), adding also lead (Pb) based solder and placing it back on the motherboard. 

Why does this work 99.99% of the time?  Because  99.99% of the time the very main problem is either bad chip or bad solder,  hence replacing with a  working chip and adding lead (Pb) based fixes the issue.  So what is the 0.01% chance? this is where the pads on the board that hold the solder in place are bad.  This is rare and if this happens it can not be repaired.  The unit will need to be replaced.

When Reballing we use lead based solder to provide stronger connection and have extremely high success rate with the procedure.

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