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Warranty Claims

All the products listed on our site has a 3-month replacement warranty unless specified otherwise.

With PlayStation 3 YLOD and XBox360 RROD there is only a 1 month warranty as there is a manufacturing and design fault. When the Console is running for a long period of time it generates alot of heat stress between the CPU, GPU and Motherboard. The fan unit, the heatsink and heatsink compound responsible for the heat extraction is not sufficient for a console running for a long period of time. This causes the solder on the motherboard to dry and oxidise causing cracking which in turns causes poor connection between all the connectors. There is a chance that this will come back even when using an external fan to help cool the PlayStation 3.   

If your product becomes faulty in the first 3-months of your purchase, just send an email to us with your receipt/order number describing in detail the issue, we will then contact you with regards to the return process. You MUST send us back the suspected faulty product within 3 days of us advising you to do so. We can then examine it and if it’s found to be faulty we will replace with a brand new one and post back to you using the same method that was used to send the item to you in the first place.

IMPORTANT: Our products all carry a warranty of 3 or 12 months. However this warranty applies only if the product has not been opened, soldered, modified etc. by the end user. Lenses require installation and calibration which can easily damage the product. Therefore, they are not falling under our warranty rules, and can NOT be exchanged / returned.

If your console is being re-repaired we will inform you if it is covered under warranty as there could be issues with other components of the system. We will test and confirm the issue and advise accordingly. We DO NOT cover warranty on the parts that were not tested/repaired by us in the first place.

If you have an enquiry regarding this please contact us at info@gc-repairs.com

If your item is defective within the warranty period:

All our items have a warranty period of 3 months unless stated in your invoice. If the item dies within the 3 month period we will replace it with the exact same product. We will only replace it if it’s a manufacture defect. If the item has become defective via user error, negligence or system updates beyond our control then we aren’t responsible. The user is responsible for postage costs and we will pay for postage back to you. Please contact us first before returning the item referring to reference/order number and giving us a detailed description of the issue. If the Item is a repair part and our label has been removed or not attached to the repair part we cannot replace the part and the warranty is null and void.

Please note:

 All consoles and their parts have serial numbers and we record all of this as part of warranties. If you return a console and we find that our seal has been altered/removed or tampered with, then the warranty is null and void. So please don’t try to mislead us as we will still try and help fix the problem.

For Overseas customers please send us a picture of the defective item/part via email with our sticker on the item / part before posting us the item/part back. We will respond to your email within 24hours of receiving it.

Non Warranty:

Should the warranty not apply due to misuse, abuse, accident or wear and tear or if the warranty has lapsed a charge will apply to cover parts, labour and postage costs. Should the charge be rejected the minimum appraisal (Analysis) charge will be incurred to cover our labour costs etc. Repairs need to be paid before we return your Console.

Appraisal / Analysis Charges: 

After your console undergoes a full Diagnostic Test, and a Specified fault cannot be diagnosed, an Appraisal/Analysis fee of $40.00 for XBox360, PlayStation 3, Wii & 3DS (Includes testing Hardware & Software), DSiXL/LL, DSi & DS Lite(Includes testing Hardware & Software) to cover Labour costs etc.


Game Console Repairs recommends you back up any save data to a Memory Card/External USB Hard Drive as the repair may result in the loss of User Data. Game Console Repairs cannot be held responsible for the loss of any saved data on your console.