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XBOX360 (SLIM) - Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) Modification Service

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XBOX360 (SLIM) Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) Modification Service

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XBOX360 (SLIM) - Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) Modification Service

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Reset Glitch Hack Modification (RGH)

This is one of the coolest and best modification available so far for XBOX360 Console. The possibilities are endless, sky is the limit.

Reset Glitch Hack allows you to have custom NAND image (most popular is FreeBoot) and run unsigned code on your XBOX360. This means you can create applications and programs yourself and use it on your XBOX360. Also, there are tons of homebrew applications available online that you can use and test.

There are many features to name a few:-

- Run Unsinged Code and develop homebrew applications
- No limitations on Hard-drive size. You can connect any hard-drive size (External USB Hard-Drive or Internal MS Hard Drive).
- Load applications, programs, games, movies, music from Internal MS hard drive or external USB Hard drive.
- You can pack up your old systems Nintendo64, Sega Mega drive and use emulators of those systems on your XBOX360 This is one of the coolest features you can have on Reset Glitch Hacked Console.
- Relive and enjoy the precious memories from our old school titles (Atari, NES, SNES, Sega, Nintendo64, NeoGeo, MAME and Many More).
Seriously now you can enjoy Sonic 3, Streets of Rage, Super Mario64 etc on your Full HD TV.
- Region Free Console i.e Play applications, programs and games from all the regions of the world

Drive Flashing to Latest iXtreme LT+
We can also flash your drive to latest LT+ custom firmware. This means you can play backups of your original games or if you have purchased games overseas you also have the option to play via Disc.We can replace your existing LOCKED PCB with Xecuter UNLOCKED PCB and flash the latest custom firmware i.e LT+

Xecuter UNLOCKED Replacement PCB is undoubtedly the best option to keep your drive up-to-date with the latest custom firmware. This can be done with simply a flick of a button and flashing the latest files, there is no soldering, trace cuts or rework required. Please note replacing with Xecuter UNLOCKED PCB cost is $99.00.

As said, the possiblities are endless with the Reset Glitch Hack Modification, you just can't get enough.

Following models of XBOX360 (SLIM) are compatible

- Trinity/valhalla/vejle
- Corona with 16MB Nand Only

Please note Reset Glitch works on dasboard version 2.0.14719.0 and below

Please note the SLIM consoles which have a dashboard version 2.0.15574.0 and above cannot be reset glitched at this stage.


Following models of XBOX360 (SLIM) are currently not compatible with the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) Modification

- XBOX360 (SLIM) Corona Motherboard v3 with 64MB Nand. These are LOT 1216x, April 2012 onwards models.
- XBOX LIVE is not supported.
- Dasboard version 2.0.15574.0 and above are not supported yet.

How do I know what model I have?
Please use the attached pictures for all the reference.

XBOX360 (SLIM) Trinity vs Corona Motherboard Identification

Currently there are following XBOX360 SLIM motherboards out there:-
- Trinity (Must be Manufactured before AUG-2011)
- Corona v1 (Compatible with RGH)
- Corona v2 (Compatible with RGH)
- Corona v3 (NOT Compatible)

Please check the MFR of your XBOX360 (SLIM) and confirm its below AUGUST-2011. If it is then most likely you have a Trinity motherboard.

XBOX360 (SLIM) Model Identification for Reset Glitch Hack

If the MFR Date is in month of August then one way to check the compatibility is by opening up the console and see if 'HANA' Chip is there. If 'HANA Chip' is there then its a Trinity Motherobard. All Trinity motherboards which have a dashboard version below 2.0.15574.0 can be reset glitched.

if 'HANA Chip' does not exist then its a Corona motherboard. Currently only Corona motherboards v1 and v2 which have 16MB NAND can be reset glitched.
Corona motherboard v3 with 64MB Nand cannot be reset glitched at this stage.

If you are not comfortable opening up your XBOX360 (SLIM) you can simply send it to us and we can confirm all the compatibility details for you (COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE)

XBOX360 (SLIM) Model Identification for Reset Glitch Hack

Trinity Motherboard
One other way to check is from your XBOX360 Box and look for Lot Number. If your Number is 1136x or below then 99% of the chance is you have Trinity motherboard and can be reset glitched as long as
dashboard version is below 2.0.15574.0.

Corona Motherboard
Corona Motherboards with 64MB Nand are LOT 1216x, April 2012 onwards models. These cannot be reset glitched at this stage.

Hardware Installation
We use the finest and best industry tools to perform the Reset Glitch Hack i.e None other than our greatest Team Xecuter.
Game Console Repairs is the official Team Xecuter Reseller in Australia. We have a wide range of Team Xecuter Repair Parts & Tools and cheapest prices available online. We will beat any price by 5%.

You can visit the subsequent sections for detailed information on Team Xecuter Repair Parts and Tools at the following links

XBOX360 (PHAT) - Development Tools

XBOX360 (SLIM) - Development Tools

Team Xecuter CoolRunner is installed using fine art of professional hand soldering. Reset Glitch Hack involves complex and precise hand soldering work, We are a dedicated team of fully IPC Certified Hardware Engineers and provide life-time warranty on our hand soldering work.

Software Installation
The following applications (freely available also) are installed on the system (Only Available with the Hard-Drive)
- XeX Menu v1.1( FTP, Flash Nand Files, Load and Run unsigned code etc)
- FreeStyle Dashboard (Alternative Dashboard to Microsoft official Dashboard)
- Quickboot Setup
- Media Player

Alright, Alright Enough Said, How do I book in for this coolest service?
Worry Not, Game Console Repairs provide completely hassle free Door-To-Door service. All you need to do is just simply book in (Add to Cart & make a purchase) and we'll take care of the rest. Once you book in for the service, our courier will come and pickup your console, we'll do the initial compatiblity analysis and once confirmed we'll go ahead and install the ultimate Reset Glitch Hack Modification. Once installed & thoroughly tested we'll send back your console within 24-48 hours (normally within 24 hours)

Sit back and relaxe and we hope you have a great experience with Game Console Repairs.

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